Academic Faculty & Staff

Faculty at Phoenix Magnet Academy come from a diverse background in education (AP, IB, languages), curriculum development, social|emotional learning, and are experts in their field of teaching. Selected for their natural curiosity and enthusiasm to develop the whole student, every teacher at Phoenix Magnet Academy celebrates and supports student centered learning and supports each student in their quest for development and goal achievement. Through cross cultural immersion, exceptional academic leadership, and world class experiential learning Phoenix Magnet Academy is proud to offer a faculty comprised of academic educators, experiential leaders, and counsellers who are experts in their supportive services. By offering this strong collective, each student is embraced and supported through their secondary education at Phoenix Magnet Academy, a home away from home.

PMA Academic Faculty

Geoff Taylor

Geoff is an alumnus of the University of British Columbia, with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Education in Curriculum Studies. With over 35 years of teaching and administrative experience, Geoff cultivates a forward-thinking atmosphere that is supportive, growth oriented and leads a team committed to student success.

Ms. Catherine Bouchard


Catherine is bilingual and is a certified French Immersion educator originating from and formally trained in Quebec. In addition to her ability to teach in both official languages Catherine carries an advanced ability in class and curriculum planning and is an accomplished outdoors person. Academically, Catherine teaches students in subject matters ranging from social sciences, social justice, world affairs, Indigenous knowledge and understanding. She brings in-depth experience with online cartography, history and geography, broadening students’ understanding of the connectivity between people and place.

Mr. Robert Greer

Robert brings four decades of experience managing and leading experiential and outdoor programs and organizations, specifically tailored for youth leadership. In National Director roles for Outward Bound, Robert led teams and operations across Canada, the United States of America and Hong Kong. He carries extensive experience as a Training, Risk and Executive Officer for outdoor education projects as well as a Program Quality and Accreditation Assessor of outdoor education programs and schools.

Ms. Carol Huang

Carol has a Masters degree in English education, and 23 years of teaching and administrative experience both in China and Canada.  She used to be the youngest Director of Student Department in one of the school districts in Shanghai. Her insights help students to better understand themselves and pursue their dreams. Carol is contracted to work with PMA in a variety of capacities: supporting our planning, our students and our PMA families.

Mr. Joshua Clark


Joshua completed his undergraduate bachelor’s degree with a major in Engineering and completed associated coursework in physics and chemistry at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Drawn to Canada’s capital city, he completed his Bachelor of Education at Ottawa University, graduating summa cum laude and received his certification in International Baccalaureate for Chemistry. Joshua is a natural communicator and enthusiastically empowers students to be curious and bold in their quest for learning.

Mr. Travis Webber


Travis completed his undergraduate bachelor’s degree majoring in English and History and is an avid educator in English, Social Studies, Science, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Undertaking his university studies at Vancouver Island University, Travis earned a place on the Dean’s list and contributed through intensive educational practicum across Vancouver Island. Travis excels in thought leadership and specializes in providing individualized instruction and understanding student’s individual needs.

Experiential Educators

Mr. Jesse Godlington

Experiential Education Specialist Jesse brings over a decade of experience and leadership in experiential education. His knowledge and skill sets are diverse, and his certifications contribute to the ability of PMA programs to deliver high quality, safety focused, experiential education programs. Jesse uses a blend of cultural and outdoor experiences to broaden student understanding about themselves and their ability to achieve, whilst naturally developing leadership and confidence in students.


Ashleah Cameron

Ashleah is an administrative specialist, she carries over 14 years experience in the customer service sector. Utilizing skills gained through her six years experience as a Property Manager, Ashleah supports the administrative function of PMA across all departments and is an expert in office suite software. Contributing a positive approach to progressive problem solving, she brings a personable and engaging approach to school activities and communications.

Olga Pomaranska

Olga obtained her degree in Chinese Philology from Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou, China, and a Marketing Management diploma from Douglas College in New Westminster, British Columbia. As a marketing professional with experience in strategy, planning and implementation, Olga has lived and worked in Ukraine, China, Italy, Portugal, and Canada. Olga’s strengths include building strong partnerships, processes, and brand visibility, ensuring client expectations are in line with school offerings. Olga represents PMA exclusively, recruiting students and maintaining strong relationships with students, families, and agents. As a quad lingual Olga is well positioned to support students from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, and handles the logistics of student enrolment and collaborates with school staff for documentation and ongoing communication.