Scholarships & Bursaries

Phoenix Magnet Academy has a generous financial support program to encourage and reward academic leadership and to acknowledge and encourage cultural and language diversity. Realizing the investment in your child’s education is a big decision, Phoenix Magnet Academy is thoughtful in its scholarships made available for both domestic and international boarding students. PMA is a leader in private boarding school scholarships in British Columbia, Canada, taking into consideration the personal achievements, youth leadership and contribution students will offer amongst their peers.


$10,000 CAD Excellence Bursary. The PMA Excellence Bursary was established to recognize student academic achievement and community engagement. To qualify the student must have a report card with grades higher than 75% and two reference letters from faculty and/or community leadership. Please submit with student entrance application.


$10,000 CAD Cultural Bursary. The PMA Cultural Bursary was established to encourage, support and celebrate cultural diversity in the PMA student community. Student’s interested in applying are required to submit an essay explaining what they understand and appreciate about their cultural heritage and what makes them proud of their country of origin. Please submit with student entrance application.