Welcome to Phoenix Magnet Academy

More than just a university prep school. It is a school that prepares students for life, well beyond the classroom.

Phoenix Magnet Academy is an international boarding school in Canada where students are encouraged to explore and to develop elasticity in their learning through PMA’s student centered learning methodology. Knowledge is gained through project based learning and a concept based approach with a focus on the development of competencies, both inside and outside of the classroom. This results in deeper, transferable learning that successfully equips students for the 21st century.

The PMA education team delivers innovative instruction in small groups, and students are empowered to choose their own individual course focus. Technology paired with flexible project based learning, develops creative engagement in every student. The Phoenix Magnet Academy faculty supports strong peer interaction as well as personalized learning opportunities through the exploration of curriculum in workshops, field trips, and hands on learning.


Each year at Phoenix Magnet Academy is special. Every grade follows a theme that guides our teaching methodologies and the development of our students through world class academics, workshops, and outdoor education. These themes are Development, Discovery, Inquiry, Opportunity, and Expedition. These themes make up the Phoenix Journey, a five-year high school education that transforms students into responsible, globally-minded individuals who seek new challenges and opportunities for growth – in short, students who are “undaunted, always rising.”

Our Academic Advising and Counselling staff provide support to students and staff on the best ways to plan and maximize achievements throughout the student’s journey.


Recent News

Special offer for grade 12 public school students (BC residents)

May 17, 2024
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Ministry Inspection 2023 at PMA

November 15, 2023
Our annual British Columbia Ministry of Education school inspection was a great success. Thanks to all our hard-working staff and a big thank you to parents and students, too. We had the g Read more

Early Days at PMA

September 7, 2023
Welcome to all or Phoenix Families, and of course to our Phoenix Magnet Academy students of Fall 2023. Students are well underway with their learning already. I want to highlight that the students Read more