Grade 8 - Development

Grade 8 is a very important year of growth and development for our students at Phoenix Magnet Academy. This first year at PMA focuses on Academics and introduces our Experiential Learning philosophy. In Academics, our teachers dedicate many hours to assessing and building student skills in Math, English, Social Studies, Science, and French. Additionally, we inspire all Grade 8 learners to explore elective options, career pathways, and self-assessments as they build confidence and understanding in the BC Grade 8 curriculum.

In Experiential Learning, students explore outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and rock climbing. They learn that their connections to the natural world, and to 21st century technology, are equally important to their growth and well-being. Our world class boarding facilities and dormitory staff nurture the Grade 8’s with the attention and support they need to thrive. Grade 8 is the year in which our students begin their journey to become responsible, globally minded citizens who are undaunted in the face of adversity and who rise to new challenges.

Grade 9 - Discovery

In Grade 9, Phoenix Magnet Academy students prepare for the rigorous years of Grades 10-12. Phoenix Magnet Academy faculty combine Academic and Experiential Learning to deliver fascinating activities that go beyond the BC curriculum.

While studying Math, English, Social Studies, and Science, Grade 9’s learn essential studying skills that will prepare them for the future. They also study a fascinating course called Career-Life Education which allows students to determine their post-secondary goals and to create unique term projects that represent their interests.

For Experiential Learning, students go on field trips both in and out of BC to explore the country and experience the world. These adventures are incorporated into English, Science, and Social Studies activities that teach students about our inherent responsiblity to people, place, culture and each other. We empower our students with challenging outdoor and in-class activities while ensuring that they are always supported; our staff aid students through individualized tutoring and project based learning that enhance their skills.

After school is always a treat at PMA: our compassionate, enthusiastic dorm staff deliver exciting after-school and weekend activities for students including mountain biking and game nights.

Grade 9 is the year in which PMA students begin to discover their strengths and who they are as they begin to think about who they can be.