Grade 10 - Inquiry

In Grade 10, PMA students conduct an inquiry into who they wish to be in high school and beyond. In Academics, students define some post-graduation goals by researching their desired post-secondary education and preferred careers. They then plan their Grade 10-12 courses aligned with prerequisites to support acceptance into their chosen fields of studey at their college or university of choice. Students are assigned a teacher who completes an Independent Growth Plan (IGP) with the student’s input, so that staff, parents and students can track student’s progress in academic, personal, and extracurricular goals. Parents are also invited to add feedback and goals to the IGP. In Grade 10 our learners preparate for the mandatory Grade 10 Literacy and Numeracy Assessments. We teach them essential test-taking and study strategies prior to these assessments; they then apply these new skills by completing sample assessments provided by the Ministry of Education. In Experiential Learning, students embark on outdoor field trips to such locations as Whistler Blackcomb, Red Heather, and the Whistler Cultural Centre. The lessons from these trips are incorporated into the classroom through fascinating activities in Math 10, Science 10, Social Studies 10, and Composition 10. Our world class boarding facilities and dormitory staff continue to nurture the students and guide them in the sharing of responsibilities as they help support the younger PMA students. We encourage peer mentorship in each of the three Grad Program years: 10-12. Grade 10 is the year in which PMA students inquire about the limitless possibilities of their own futures and start to contribute to their community in meaningful ways.

Grade 11 - Opportunity

Grade 11 PMA students prepare for their post-secondary journeys by pursuing opportunities. In Academics, Grade 11’s complete the Career-Life Connections course that prepares them for life beyond high school. They are taught how to write eye-catching cover letters for job applications. They also write personal profiles for college and university applications for such schools as University of British Columbia (UBC), Trent University, and University of Toronto (U of T). In addition, Grade 11’s pursue the mandatory thirty hours of work experience that they must complete to graduate.

PMA establishes meaningful connections with local organizations, so that students can obtain work experience that is relevant to their future goals. Students may also build their resumes through volunteer experience with local organizations such as Cheekye Ranch and the Rotary Club of Squamish. For Experiential Learning, students can visit universities in and outside of BC in addition to their outdoor field trips. Our senior learners are taken on guided tours of prestigious institutions including the University of Calgary and UBC. Grade 11 is the year in which PMA students access and practise with the tools that will serve them in post-secondary and beyond, as they become increasingly deliberate about making their contributions to the community and the world.