At Phoenix Magnet Academy, we are dedicated to providing a diverse range of athletic opportunities that cater to the interests and preferences of our students. Our students participate in various exciting athletic activities, including Skiing, Floor Hockey, Swimming, Sailing, Badminton, Basketball, and Ultimate. We continuously adapt our offerings based on student sign-ups and interests, ensuring a dynamic and engaging athletic program.

Looking ahead to the 2023-2024 academic year, we are thrilled to introduce new additions to our athletic program. We will be including Track & Field, Mountain Biking, Tennis, and Soccer, expanding the opportunities available for our students to explore their athletic potential.

Within our academic curriculum, we seamlessly integrate numerous outdoor activities that enhance our students’ overall educational experience. From Ice Climbing and Canoeing to Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Dog Sledding, Sailing, Mountain Biking, Paddleboarding, Rock Climbing, Fly Fishing, and even Ice Fishing, we provide a well-rounded approach to physical engagement and experiential learning.

At PMA, we firmly believe that fostering a love for physical activity and exploration goes hand in hand with academic growth. Our comprehensive approach ensures that our students have access to a wide array of athletic and outdoor experiences, allowing them to develop lifelong skills, build friendships, and create cherished memories.