To cultivate a supportive, inclusive and forward thinking learning environment where highly motivated students carry a sense of belonging and accomplishment. Custom programs support students in their academic, physical and social | emotional development to build leadership and to understand their learning pathways.


Strive to provide an exceptional scholastic education through academic study and related experiential education. This is achieved in a learning environment that is dynamic and multi-cultural in nature, developing the potential in each and every student. PMA educators’ experience facilitates student understanding, and investment in their own personal success.


Integrity, responsibility, innovation and respect for people, culture, community and the environment. Students are supported in their fulsome understanding and practice of personal respect, and comprehension of school values. PMA embraces diversity and inclusion in its student population to foster a dynamic and safe learning environment.


Experiential programming develops students’ capacity to adapt to new situations and bridges the gap between theory and practice. PMA provides a safe space to learn and grow, while maximizing academic growth and achievement. Consistent student evaluation supports accurate assessment of skills, both inside and outside of the classroom.


At PMA we weave the BC Curriculum into our activities – with intention and creativity.