PMA Update

It is the end of another exciting week, we are thrilled to share the latest updates from our various departments. Here's a glimpse into the enriching experiences our students have had. As we approach the end of this academic year, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to our students, teachers, and staff for their unwavering commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. Together, we have created a nurturing and inspiring environment for learning.


Our budding entrepreneurs in the Tourism class focused on reviewing the marking chart of their rubric. They engaged in a group assessment, providing constructive feedback and support to one another. Lastly, they diligently finished and updated their respective sections of the business plan. This collaborative effort has allowed our students to refine their marketing strategies and ensure the viability of their tourism ventures.


In English class, our students dedicated their time to perfecting their business plans. They meticulously edited and polished their plans, ensuring all the necessary details were in place. Additionally, they completed a self-assessment to reflect on their growth throughout the unit and wrapped up their journey with a final journal entry. Our students have not only honed their writing skills but have also gained valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship.


Our students recently presented their final projects as part of our Careers class, and we were blown away by their exceptional work. The presentations encompassed a wide range of projects, including books, websites, animations, songs, and even a computer-building project. It was truly inspiring to witness their innovation, dedication, and passion for their chosen endeavors.


Chemistry: As the school year draws to a close, our chemistry students had the opportunity to showcase their understanding of organic chemistry. They successfully completed a quiz and a final exam, demonstrating their knowledge and mastery of the subject. We commend their dedication and hard work throughout the year.


In Socials class, our students embarked on a comprehensive final exam that encompassed various topics, including local civics, the industrial revolution, and World War 1. They showcased their understanding of historical events and their impact on society. We applaud their commitment to learning and their ability to connect past events to the present.

Physical and Health Education (PHE)

Our students embarked on an exciting sailing unit where they completed the CAN sail level 1 certification. Throughout the week, they learned essential sailing skills, including tacking, jybing, rigging boats, sail positions, sailing knots, derigging, and using a jib. They also received comprehensive training on how to handle a capsize situation. These newfound skills will be put to the test next week as our students apply them to a larger boat during our highly anticipated sailing expedition. We are proud of their progress and look forward to witnessing their sailing prowess firsthand.


Our talented artists completed their art class last week, showcasing their creativity and artistic skills. We are immensely proud of their artistic growth and the beautiful creations they have produced throughout the year. Well done!


We have some exciting events on the horizon as we conclude this academic year.

Sailing Program

Starting this Monday, we will embark on our highly anticipated sailing program with Canadian Coastal Sailing. Over the course of three days (Monday to Wednesday), our students will have the incredible opportunity to learn and experience sailing firsthand. Please refer to earlier emails for detailed information regarding the learning outcomes and itinerary. We are thrilled to provide this enriching adventure for our students.

Final School Day

Thursday marks our final school day for the academic year. It will be a bittersweet moment as students bid farewell to their teachers and classmates. We encourage students to take this opportunity to express their appreciation, gather any personal belongings, and ensure that their rooms are cleaned and organized.


Our boarding students have an exciting weekend ahead. On Saturday, they will have the opportunity to complete various errands they have requested, such as bank appointments, haircuts, and IELTS tests. On Sunday, they will embark on a biking excursion to gift the drums they made to different organizations in the community. We are proud of their thoughtfulness and their commitment to making a positive impact on others.
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