Welcome to Phoenix Magnet Academy

Our Education Philosophy

We believe that in a complex world, change is an eternal theme. Education should help students develop a way of thinking that gives them the ability to adapt to changes calmly, and to influence and lead progressive changes in the world ...

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For new PMA applicants we have Cultural Bursaries, "Excellence" *Bursaries, and Early Application Discounts available: up to $20K. We offer scholarships to existing PMA students. Please contact our office for more scholarship information. Just call our of

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Health Information re Covid

Important Health Protocol Information All students and families must commit to a daily health check. See Federal Mask Mandates for Travelers.

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Unique education model

Our model effectively integrates experiential education into academic teaching, and our ongoing review of this integration allows us to continuously shape and continuously improve in the integrated experience; at the same time, the ongoing review and improvement of comprehensive quality will further promote academic learning and academic work. Achievement improves naturally.

Student-centered learning

At PMA we weave the BC Curriculum into our activities - with intention and creativity. As we make the curriculum come alive, student welfare and safety is our priority. We are student focused and always tailoring the learning to keeping students engaged. Of course, we have a team of experts in outdoor experiential learning who work closely with us to make meaning and joy in all we do.

Full-time boarding private school

In addition to providing a safe and stable learning environment, boarding schools can free parents from all kinds of worries. Students can also arrange their time after school more systematically, allowing students to use their spare time more efficiently for extracurricular learning activities and social activities.

Global travel study

Additionally, PMA senior students will travel the globe to exotic international experiential learning opportunities: such as Kyrgyzstan, India, and Nepal. Our senior students enjoy at least one month-long international experiential field trip a year, along with one Canadian trip - usually for our junior students.

Our Vision

Phoenix Magnet Academy is an experiential learning academy catering to students grade 8-12. Students attending the academy are diverse and all are highly motivated to personal success. The programs provided will support students in their academic, physical and social/emotional development.

Our Mission

Phoenix Magnet Academy strives to provide an excellent scholastic education through academic study and related experiential education. The academy will provide students with programs that foster academic excellence in an outdoor environment that will enhance their personal skills and competencies.

Our Values

At Phoenix Magnet Academy we believe that the function of a high school is not only to prepare students for post-secondary studies but also to develop the whole child, academically, physically and socially. In other words, to engage the mind, body and soul.


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